User experience research and strategy in Healthcare and Wellness



We are a UX experience research and strategy agency specialising in Healthcare and Wellness based in Sussex, UK. We provide strategic research services for  private sector organisations.

Aktiv Research has been helping companies get closer to their customers since 1998. We create ways to collect  data, insights and evidence to help you make informed  decisions on how to develop products and services. These methods include in depth user interviews, surveys and analytics. 

We’re very good at helping big companies learn about their customers.


We design, build and manage effective ways to collect different types of data about users. We also analyse and present the findings using qualitative and quantitative methods. So we give the best feedback and insights service teams need to build a clear picture of their users and deliver solutions that they need.

 This means that we utilise multiple methodologies such as usability testing, surveying, user centred design techniques, requirements gathering, agile methodologies, 


Here are some of our recent clients and projects. Get in touch and we can talk more about what we did for them.